Did you know that by adding a radiant barrier to a roofing assembly with an air gap you can ELIMINATE 97% of radiant heat gain into any structure? The average roof temperature will drop 20˚F to 40˚F just by doing this one thing! This is true for homes, barns, sheds, garages, warehouses, etc. 

We do not recommend using pressure treated wood in direct contact with the ALUMINUM side of the RoofingFoil™ products.

RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment

Our 48″ wide solid RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment is Miami-Dade approved and it satisfies all requirements for a synthetic solid roof underlayment, in addition to being a pure-aluminum radiant barrier. This is the top-of-the-line when it comes to a roofing underlayment and the foil reflects 97% of radiant heat. View the sales flyer.

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If you're just looking for a radiant barrier, consider plain RoofingFoil™.

Our single-sided perforated RoofingFoil™ is a good option for roofing without a tear off, since you'll be keeping the original tar paper (waterproofing) layer. For an economical underlayment option on new roofing, you can use our single-sided solid RoofingFoil™.

Click to download spec sheets on these two products:

Single Sided Foil - Perforated (Breathable)

Single-Sided Foil - Solid (Vapor Retarder)

If you are not adding radiant barrier on all your roofing jobs, you are doing a disservice to your customers! Your customers are more than willing to pay for the small additional cost of installing a radiant barrier since they will definitely get the money back in energy savings. All you have to do is explain how it works (show them the video on How Radiant Barrier Works), install the radiant barrier properly, and let the foil do the work. Your customers will be happy and tell their friends!

Before you know it, you will be including RoofingFoil™ Radiant Barrier on every job!

Contact us for special contractor pricing on both our single-sided foil barrier and our RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment. Discount pricing starts on orders 2,000 sq ft and up.