• Do I need a Perforated or Solid foil? 
      We recommend solid radiant barrier foil products for roofing applications. 

    • What is the reflectivity of the foil products?
      Our foil products reflect 97% of radiant heat.

    • What is the product made of?
      RoofingFoil™ is 99% pure aluminum foil with an inner woven polyethylene scrim. Our RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment is made of 99% pure aluminum foil adhered to a woven and a non-woven fabric mesh. None of our products will rip or tear – they're tough enough for any job!

    • Are RoofingFoil™ products fire rated?
      Our products have a Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating. Please Note: Class A/Class 1 does not mean the radiant barrier is fireproof; under the right conditions (ie. open flame on an exposed corner) the product can burn.

    • Is there a top or bottom? Are both sides the same?
      The foil side of our products is the side that must face the air gap, if you are looking to get the radiant barrier foil benefit. The single-sided product has a greyish/matte smooth side that is not reflective and that side lays on the roof deck/waterproof layer. The RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment product has a woven white side that lays on the roof deck, and the shiny side faces up, toward the sun/ air gap.

    • If I'm getting a Galvalume roof, isn't it the same thing as adding an aluminum foil radiant barrier? 
      Galvalume is generally comprised of a steel sheet dipped in a coating of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicone. So no, it's not going to perform like a radiant barrier made from 99% pure aluminum (bonded to a core for strength). One example is that a typical Galvalume roof may only have a 50% reflectivity rating (better than nothing) while RoofingFoil™ products have a 97% reflectivity rating (excellent reflectivity!), so considering the affordability of RoofingFoil™ and the ease of installation when you're getting a new roof, it is definitely an upgrade you don't want to miss out on!  

    • Is there a top or bottom? Are both sides the same?
      There is a foil side and a non-foil side. In all circumstances, the foil side is the side that needs to be facing toward the air space/gap.

    • Can I install radiant barrier between my shingles and my roof deck?
      No! This will not work; radiant barrier must have an air space in order to block heat. If you sandwich the foil between the decking and the shingles, there is no air gap and the foil doesn’t help you.

    • What is the minimum required air gap/space for this product to work?
    • The foil side of the RoofingFoil™ must face an empty air gap/space of at least ½″.  
    • This air gap must be a true air space – nothing can be touching that foil side except air. No insulation, no vapor barrier, no foam, etc. For more info on why this has to be an air space for the product to work, watch this video about the required air gap for radiant barriers. The air space can be a dead air space or vented; if you have a choice between the two, a vented air space is better.

    • How do I install this under a standing seam metal roof?
      For new construction, we recommend our RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment product. Place it directly on the decking, then put a batten system on top of it and then fasten the metal to the battens.

    • Can this be placed directly under shingles?
      No, radiant barrier foil must have an air space on at least one side in order for it to work. In the case of a shingled roof, the foil would be sandwiched between asphalt shingles and the roofing deck/underlayment. In this set up, there is no air space, so the aluminum radiant barrier layer will not be effective in any way. The only way to make this work is to have an air space (ie. a double-deck system or installed below the decking, draped between the rafter cavities).

      • Can this be placed directly OVER shingles (on top of my old roof before re-roofing with a new metal or tile roof)?
        Yes, we’ve seen this done more and more, as this practice of re-roofing on top of old roofs gains popularity. As long as the old shingles  are in good shape and the attic is structurally sound, it will be fine. If you go over an existing shingle roof, you can use the *perforated* foil to reflect radiant heat or you can use the *solid* foil to reflect radiant heat AND block moisture. For more info on which one to use and when, check out our blog post about this topic.
    • Can I put foam board on top of the RoofingFoil™ before the metal?
      No, the RoofingFoil™ must face an air gap/space in order to work properly. If the air gap is not there, the product will not work. More info here: Why is an air space required?

    • How do I use this if I am spray-foaming the underside of my roof decking?
      If you have a metal or tile roof with an air gap, then you'd add the foil above the deck, ideally as close to the metal or tile with the proper air gap. If you have a shingled roof, then you can either do a double-deck roofing system or you can add the foil in the attic, to the bottom of the rafters.

    • Will the foil affect my cell phone reception?
      Typically a modern-day cell phone won’t be effected by radiant barrier foil. Also, radio waves travel in all directions and, with the ever expanding network of cell towers, foil on your roof contributes very little, if at all, to interrupted service.

    • I am looking for an installer. Can you help?
      In a few areas, especially here in Texas, we have some installers we can recommend. However in any case, we recommend you find a person who's insured and willing to do the job right. We have all the info they need to install the product properly and we offer real-time tech support during office hours. If we don't have a name for you, a great place to start is Google or your local HVAC/insulation/roofing company.
    • How do I place an order?
      You can order right here through our website! Clip on the Products menu above and choose the product. From there you can add to cart and checkout! If you prefer to place an order by phone, give us a call during business hours and press extension 1 for sales.

    • Can I pay with PayPal?
      Yes, we accept PayPal payments. Add your items to the cart and in the checkout area you can choose PayPal as your payment method. You'll be redirected to PayPal to login and then follow the prompts to complete the checkout process.

    • How is my order shipped?
      We use FedEx Ground for orders under 10,000 sq ft. Orders of 10+ rolls will usually ship via Freight Carrier; if we use LTL and need more info from you, we will contact you.

    • When will my order ship out?
      For orders of less than 8 rolls, if you place your order before 4pm CST, then it will ship out the same business day. If you place your order after 4pm CST, it will ship out the following business day. We follow FedEx's holiday schedule and orders placed on holidays will ship the following business day. 

    • Where is my order shipped from?
      All orders are shipped from North Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth area). 

    • When will I get my order? Where's my tracking info?
      Orders take between 1 and 4 days with standard FedEx ground. Orders traveling by LTL take 2-5 days, depending on the carrier and how quick they pick up the pallet from our warehouse. To see which day your order should be there, go to our shipping info page. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation later that same day. Inside the email will be a tracking number you can use to track your order. If you have questions about the tracking, please call us or send us an email. 

    • Do I have to sign for my order?
      No, we do not send out orders with a signature requirement.

    • Do you offer expedited/overnight shipping?
      We do! Our products are heavy and large, so overnight shipping can get expensive. However if you need this option, just give us a call before 1pm CST to get a quote and/or to arrange a faster shipping method. If you are placing an order after 1pm CST, we cannot guarantee any express options will be available for the same day shipping deadline.

    • What if I need to cancel my order before it ships?
      To avoid a penalty or restocking fee, you must cancel any order *before* 3pm CST that business day. If you placed an order over the weekend, you must cancel before 3pm on the next business day. To cancel an order you may call or email us.

    • What if I need to cancel my order after it ships?
      Once FedEx has picked up your order and it has left our warehouse, we have very little control over stopping it or canceling it. In these cases the order will continue being delivered to you and at that time you can accept it and then arrange to have it sent back to us. For orders that fall into this category, the return policy will be in effect.

    • What's your return policy?
      We will gladly accept any complete and re-sellable (new) rolls of foil within 30 days of purchase.  Refunds will be issued for the cost of the material back in the original form of payment (credit card or PayPal) used for purchase. All refunds are subject to a $55 SRF (shipping recapture fee - this is to recoup our initial costs to ship the box to you) per box/roll. Additionally, a 20% restocking fee applies to all returns.  To return an item, you must contact us *first* to obtain a Return Authorization number.

    • What if I ordered the wrong thing, can I exchange it for something else?
      An exchange it handled like a return. Most people will order the new item to get it moving and on the way and then prepare the return to send back to us for credit. The main difference between a return and an exchange is that an exchange order will have the restocking fee waived.

    • What if I ordered the right thing, but I received the wrong item? 
      Oops! If we make a mistake and send you the wrong item, please contact us immediately so we can take care of it. If the mistake was ours, we will make it right. 

    • What if I have a question about my order that's not answered here?
      Give us a call! We're here Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:30am CST to 4:30pm CST to answer your questions or help you with an order.
    • What are your business hours?
      We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30am CST to 4:30pm CST, excluding holidays. You can order online any day or any time. 

    • Where are you located?
      Our warehouse is in Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas.

    • Who can I talk to about installation questions?
      Us! We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts that can help you with your radiant barrier project. Call or email us with your questions. You can also ask your roofer if you have specific questions about your roofing assembly.

    • Does foil also help keep heat in? During cold months is there any benefit?
      Absolutely! If keeping the heat in during winter is a goal, then the best method of installation to get those results is laying the foil directly on top of the existing attic insulation. If you have items in the attic space, then you should consider a hybrid approach where you do a combination of stapling up *and* laying the foil down in the areas that are free.