Using Radiant Barrier On Top of Shingle Roofing Before New Tile or Metal Roofing

Can radiant barrier be placed directly OVER shingles (on top of my old roof before re-roofing with a new metal or tile roof)?

This is a common question as this trend of going over existing roofing continues to grow. If you're wondering if you can apply a radiant barrier on top of your current shingle roof before your new roof is installed, you're in the right place!


Can this be done?

Yes! You can absolutely put RoofingFoil™ products on top of shingles. Our foil is super strong and won't rip or tear on the shingles. You can secure it with some cap nails and go directly over the shingles, overlapping the seams at least 2" (but not more than 12").

Which product should I use?

We have both solid (non-permeable) and perforated (permeable) foil products. Depending on your roof's current condition, one may be better than the other.

If your roof is in GOOD CONDITION, then use our perforated radiant barrier RoofingFoil™ and go right over it. Nail it down, add the battens, then add your new roofing.

If your roof is in FAIR to POOR CONDITION, we recommend using the RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment All-in-One, or just the plain solid radiant barrier foil. The RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment All-in-One will provide you with the maximum moisture barrier and it's thicker than the foil alone. The foil alone will also do just as well at reflecting heat, it's just going to be a thinner layer overall. For this application of going over existing shingles, it's a matter of preference.

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